My Private Mexico News Winter Blog

Winter Blog

This Blog spans Christmas to Valentine’s Day 2020

9th November 2019

On this day I underwent an Operation at Guy’s Hospital

Under the hands of MR GIDWANI

The operation was on the Carpel Tunnel in my right wrist

This Surgeon was simply amazing. My first ever operation and first time in an NHS Hospital….I could not believe the incredible care and Attention I received, I checked in at 7am and was home by 2pm and I have since had follow up appointments.


6th December

Attended Interline Christmas Lunch.

This is a Terrific Organisation Made up of Airlines and Tourism related Members.

My Guest was Lupita Ayala
Regional Sales Manager – Europe
Grand Velas – Casa Velas – Velas Vallarto – Mar del Cabo
Tel: +44 (0) 208 287 08491 / +44 (0) 77 3435 9566

Lupita very kindly made the extremely generous gesture of purchasing one of the Auction prizes, it was immensely appreciated by all in attendance.
The Charity involved was Power of Parenting

I was personally quite taken aback by the speech given by the Organisation. I had no idea that Teenage children were so often left Homeless or uncared for on this occasion the speech involved three Children from the same family.

I am scheduled to host a Luncheon for Mayair along with other Mexican Suppliers / Hosts during June. Look out for the Date.


10th December

F.A.A. Christmas Lunch



Paul Edworthy Turkey
Devon Produce at its best!


Tavistock Inn
A true Devonshire Inn


Journey Latin America

Met with Rafe Stone, an absolute amazingly knowledgeable Travel Guru…… I have been working with this company for so many years….

A True Family Concern totally interested in the care and dedication to their Client. They plan exquisite itineraries, covering every detail.

Lupita Ayala joined us; we were able to have a “Brain Storming” afternoon… Rafe told me some things I did not Know, imagine me with my adored Mexico all these years learning new things, new archaeological Zones, new properties…Lupita gave us so much information on her product GRAND VELAS

Grand Velas

This Company has Hotels at various locations within Mexico. They are all an incredible standard of luxury “Beyond five star”


News from Mexico City

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with Encuentro

This is a Super ground operator whom i have known for many years. I have complete and utter trust in this company.
More on this to follow.


Cirque de Soleil, Luzia

Described as a walking dream of Mexico! I work closely with Cirque de Soleil in many locations.

They are a Fantastic “must see” event for our traveller to Mexico. I will be taking my Grandson Charlie, to see this show at the Royal Albert Hall on March first



Heard from my friends in Oaxaca, the state hosted an amazing food exhibition and cooking demonstration at F.I.T.U.R. In Madrid. This beautiful region of Mexico has so much to offer its archaeological sites of Monte Alban and Mitla, it’s artisan elements and of course the food which is legendary. The traveller should dedicate at least a week in exploring this great location.

Tianguis Merida 2020

Tianguis for Readers of this blog who don’t know … It is the annual Travel Fair for Mexico. Traditionally held in Acapulco, but this year to be held in Merida.

Any Travel Agents/Tour operators out there who want to attend please contact me for more information.

It really is an amazing event……

Where I am hoping to stay in Merida is Ya’ax Boutique Hotel

I am also hoping to catch my friend Eloisa Vadillo of the Intercontinental Hotel Merida I am very fond of both these properties and i am hoping they will be included in my new Portfolio MY PRIVATE MEXICO


Amigo Yucatan
My Dear Friend Jorge Escalante will be there at Tianguis. My true and trusted ground operator, we have been working together for over Thirty Years!
There has been quite a flow of interest for Tianguis (The Travel Market of Mexico) in the UK.



Yes, a trip to this lovely Island. Flying TUI…. Perfect check IN at LGW Joanne at the service desk could not have been kinder or more efficient. Super flight, Complimentary drinks all the way! Arrival BGI everywhere a sunny smile and a friendly welcome…….Off to the Little apartment in St. James, Our host’s Lorna, Sharon and Ricardo…….Booked through super-efficient Airbnb

I have made friends for life with this adorable family. Thank you so much it was wonderful.

I only had five precious day to spend, but enjoyed every one ……The beaches, the fish, the rum punch and all the Happiness I loved it all. A long way from My Mexico but so very similar in the proudness of the people for their history and Culture.


St. Valentine

We spent a lovely evening at one of our Favourite Pubs Near Bath