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Cathy Matos says 



LONDON and MALLORCA.  Please, God willing, MEXICO in NOVEMBER 



I refuse to follow or accept the negative press directed at the Balearics, especially Mallorca; a very important place for me personally. The safety precautions installed by the Spanish Authorities are second to none in my opinion, I feel safer there than in the UK. The wearing of masks is enforced at all levels. 

The most helpful and innovative measure was to put in place a cap on the cost of Covid testing, making the maximum charge per test, €75.00, thereby not leaving the tourist open to costly options. 

I think The President of Mallorca FRANCINA ARMENGOL and her team IAGO NEGUERUELA LAGO, ROSA MORILLO RODRIGUEZ have done an excellent job. 

Here are some of my recent activities. 


Another word ref: Juan Mas, he has worked miracles with my husband’s somewhat abandoned teeth. 

Mine of course have been perfectly taken care of by Juan for many years.


Juana, nails, facial No one better, based in the lovely City of SINEU., which in Roman times was the capital of Mallorca. 

This major City still has a livestock market every Wednesday… rabbits, birds, pet doggies and kittens which makes it an idea place to take children for a day out. 

The other major reason I love to visit is ANTIC CELLER SON TOREO                   Antic-Celler-Son-Toreo “Situated in the Square at the top of the hill…” I absolutely adore this place. The food is typical of the region and all cooked on a brazier. 

I also do a lot of shopping. Please call-in at 

This little boutique, everything handmade this adorable shop has it all… 





Situated just outside Palma in Ciudad Jardin. 

Marta Serna Owner is a genius. 

I do a lot of walking when I am on the Island… I also have quite a few visits to make to various Hotels, Dentist, Restaurants. (Food being one of my passions) 

During the past weeks I have had no qualms being out and about..,. It is such a pity not to travel to the Island just because of the extra cost of Covid.  The enjoyment of Mallorca far surpasses the cost of tests……. 


Another old established City (Where all the potatoes come from) Great to visit, seeing Mallorca as it truly is… 

Situated here is CLINIC RAMIS 

Also a centre for the great Dr Mateu Pons He also operates from Palma 

Dr Mateu Pons, a specialist in Ophthalmology at the MIRANZA clinic. 

The facilities are second to none to carry out highly complex surgery. 



Find that Dream Finca, old Palace Seafront cottage. 

Calle Son Mao 6 A, Andratx (Islas Baleares) – 07150
Phone: (+34) 609 36 91 95


This woman is pure Genius 

It was Heather who has introduced me to a magic place… DARRMAR  

A Storage Centre which doubles as a “secondhand shop”!! They have everything from a tea strainer to a suite of Furniture… Some wonderful old vintage pieces from country homes and fincas  

On the subject of food… 

When in Palma my Restaurant is 


Family run Restaurant….Menu del dia,,,,Everyday… 

Sundays a special day a delight often with Suckling Pig. 

JAVI is the Chef, and he is marvellous. 

Situated in Calle de’Espartero 24. In the area known as Son Armadams. 

Simply the Best! 


On the other side of the Island…ANDRAIX. 


The Piazetta, 

Situated in the square Andratx 

The only Pizza I will eat….  Plus, delightful fresh Salads, Pasta  

Fish and Meat. 


Simple “menu del dia” , local dishes excellently prepared. 

Situated in market area. 

Tel. 971 236566 



Dear Gaspi  -With his inventive menu always personally cooked and presented by him…  His Gin and Tonics are legendary!! Also, in the square in Andratx 

Of course, for our special treat we drive up to the Monastery at Lluc and the gorgeous ES GUIX I have written so many words over the years about this little bit of Paradise and things never change, I will be there again soon! 

The Restaurant has typical Mallorca dishes … simply divine you really must visit, 

Great to see TUI passengers back. 

 Boutique Una 

Calle Cristobal Colon, 

Puerto Andratx 

Another favourite shopping haunt of mine. 



There was, until a few days ago, a herd of beautifully carved wooden elephants in Green Park, scattered along the path leading to Buckingham Palace 

Sadly, there is no queue outside the palace, even though the Queens lovely gardens have been opened to the public. Not an American tourist in sight!! 

London is still very empty. Thank goodness theatre and cinemas are now, open but all require evidence of vaccination. 



I took my grandson to see this magnificent show, I have seen it a few times but believe me it just gets better and better. The enjoyment was not marred by the fact that we had to queue for over an hour whilst proof of vaccination was effected. 

The theatre was completely full, not a seat free in the house! 

 Caught up with a few friends…. 

Geoffrey Temple, Co -Owner of the fabulous MAGNA CATA a converted Thames barge, moored on the river at Windsor. This is unrivalled five-star, luxury river cruising. 

Lupita Ayala, still heavily involved with Mexico 

Stuart Baker, Stuart was real stalwart of the Travel industry, who injected energy and creativity in to TTG, and celebrity cruises. 

Visited the RAC club, Gilberto’s margaritas are still the best in town, Mathew the Head Chef of R.A.C Pall Mall and R.A.C Woodcote, gave me a recipe…! As a cook I felt very privileged. Christophe Chilard always there, always welcoming in his capacity as Club room and Cocktail bar manager 

Attended first night of the Proms 

Visited the Garden Show with the amazing Carol Klein presenting. 

First visit to the lovely Queens Head in Bradfield Southend now run by Diederik Buyze, formerly F and B Director at the RAC. With Diederik at the helm this is sure to be a great success.  thequeensheadbradfield 



What a blow for U.K. Mexico has gone into red zone…. 

I still intend to travel to TIANGUIS now due to be held in Merida 16th – 19th November 

I am in constant touch with the State of Yucatan. 

In particular, Don Jorge Escalante 



I shall personally be staying here when I attend Tianguis, 

All tourist areas Cancun, Cozumel. Tulum, etc are very busy with visitors from the USA. Obviously, there are some amazing price opportunities available currently. 

Mexico City has severe Covid restrictions and masks are mandatory everywhere inside and out with social distancing also in force. 

As everyone knows museums and art galleries abound in Mexico City but again masks must be worn when visiting. 

Police are very much in evidence ensuring that the strict rules are enforced. 

All restaurants, bars and cafes are open, but you must have proof of vaccination to enter 

Let’s hope that the “red zone” is lifted soon, and you may come to know “My Mexico”….. 


My daughter and grandson now live permanently in this beautiful county, so I tend to spend quite a bit of time here. 

East Shallowford Farm 

Julia McDade Trust Manager 

Robert Musgrave MBE Chairman 

I had a very pleasant evening to mark the Support they have received over the last eighteen months of Covid restrictions. 

So wonderful to see my old friend Serena Walcot who has been the shining light here for so many years.  

 Ferry boat inn Shaldon 

 4 Strand, Shaldon, Teignmouth TQ14 0DL  

Matt Owner of this great Pub is now doing a BBQ at weekends… Simply fabulous…. 

The Kestor Inn 

James (formally of The Old Inn and the Cromwell is causing quite a stir with his marvellous Fish Supper evenings on a Friday…. 


I have made previous reference to this fine Pub; it continues its high standards in such a delightful setting. 


Great friends, Great Pub. 

 A word for SAM GUPPY, Son of Derek. This Devon based family building business is wonderful, their work outstanding. ” They specialise in drainage” 

 Two must visits  

My friend Peter, he has a shop in Teignmouth SCENE AND HEARD. 

Every Vinyl, Cassette, Movie you can imagine, I spend hours in here…. We laugh a lot… 

 The Artist LENKIEWICZ, has a new gallery in Ashburton… 

I like his Art so when I have time, I will return…! 


                                       A WORD FOR OUR TRAVEL INDUSTRY….                                                        

 Johan Lindgren should be very proud! EASY JET has been fantastic throughout the Covid crisis 

I only wish I could list here the names of Airport staff, reservations, and cabin crew we have experienced during this period of our personal travel 

 Sean Doyle of British Airways has been up front and so visible. It seems not a day goes by without positive exposure for this airline. For me, the current advertising with the “original” theme music makes me feel so safe.  

Simon Calder! Every time he said “I’ve got my bag packed” I wanted to tell him “So have I “ 

Brittany Ferries, again, out there encouraging and positive. 

TUI, I believe, have maintained a tremendously helpful approach to their customers. I wish them continued success for their flights to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos in the future. 


“Wishing everyone a good rest of the Summer….”