My Private Mexico Uncategorized “OUR JOURNEY THROUGH MEXICO”


Cathy Matos says 


May 22 


We travelled with TUI on the Dreamliner.  Fabulous check in at LGW. Lots of smiles and care. 


Comfortable flight, again super Crew. (My thoughts go out to TUI with all the flight chaos they are going through at the moment. 


Arrival into Cancun, efficient quick and of course that ever present welcome from the Mexican Passport Official. 


Masks still worn and constant checking by the “Mask Patrol” as they are known. Very sweet they have their own uniform and badge. 


The Customs procedure is simple and also quick. Departing the Airport is another story.  Since Cancun is used as an entry Port, Visitors are connecting to many other areas of not only the Yucatan but of Mexico as a whole.  Therefore, a Traveller should have their transfer pre ordered to avoid the “mountain” of Taxi’s Guide etc, who will approach you. Do not worry if this is not possible there is a Bus permanently parked which will take visitors both to the Hotel Zone of Cancun and also the Riviera Maya, for a very minimal fare. 


Our destination was Playa de Carmen (a still relatively unspoilt point) to stay at the glorious new AM Resort… Secrets Moxché  / Secrets Impression 


We were booked into Preferred Club, Our own Concierge. Room was stunning. 

Feeling tired after the journey we headed down to the Beach to be greeted by an actual lagoon. 

We chose the Seafood Restaurant and my goodness there are many places to choose from. 

The service was wonderful and the food excellent. 

The actual Beach is as I remember it … All those years ago this was dense jungle vegetation. It Still retains this wonderful unspoilt sense of wild. (Including the odd racoon wandering along.) 

We Only had two nights here not enough time to really appreciate what this resort has to offer. 

Let me finish this section by adding. 

Any A.M. property with the name Daniel Mellado at the helm. Is for me!!!!! In fact, it was Daniel who “persuaded” me to accept the “All Inclusive” many years ago…. With this property he has excelled. 

Probably the most stunning Wedding venue I have ever seen… Situated at the very top of hotel…Waving Palm Trees 

Own kitchen…Looking out to sea …Sunset location……Simply wonderful. 



We took the Ferry to my adored Cozumel 

This service will never let you down, departures from early morning till late at night. Help with luggage…The wonderful 

Bicycle suitcase carrier down thru the same cobbled lanes to Port. I am very fond of this place. 

We sat on the top of boat happy little souls drank our beer listened to music heaven!! 


PLAYA AZUL… first Hotel ever built on the Island. What lovely memories. I worked for so many years here… on the edge of the turquoise sea. 

Martha Nieto, the Director has made this adorable property her own. So many wonderful touches. Chef superb, food exceptional, immaculate. 

There are some great packages available. This is a Boutique Gem…. I could have stayed forever…. 


We boarded out flight for Mexico City…… 

Upon arrival our Ground Transport Company FIRST CLASS As always here to meet us. Mauricio the director has taken such good care of our clients over the years. 


MEXICO CITY AIRPORT. Never fails to amaze me… so organised so clean, so so friendly.  



Old established great place. always something going on… Mariachi in all their golden glory playing in the lobby how perfect….  A glorious dinner at my favourite Au Pied de cochon…    


Off first thing in morning to buy Peter a new GUAYAVERA… (a Mexican Shirt) … a day of shopping in this great city… Liverpool Department store for things for Charlie. Avenida President MASARYK for me… All the usual Zara, Mango, Channel. 


Lunch at one of my favourite City Hotels STARA SUITES... The Director of this Property Martin Morales is one of the best in the Business!! He has made this property his own and put his stamp on it! 


HOTEL ROYAL Director here is Luis Fuentes another great and very well-established Director there is a wonderful little suite, opening on to a lovely terrace and little swimming pool, I stay here often. The Hotel Royal is situated in the Zona Rosa area of the city and has charm all its own. 



Many years ago, when I first began working with Mexico… The route to Acapulco passed firstly through Cuernavaca and then over the mountains arriving at the magical town of TAXCO…  I will never forget the first time I saw it, arriving at night with all the twinkling lights I thought I was in Fairyland. All my Silver comes from here. There are still working silver mines. They have students who will design personal pieces for you. The traveller should always plan to stay at least three nights. So much to see, especially the famous church. This is true Mexico; I intend to write a lot more about these old magical city’s 


I love the drive to Acapulco and ALWAYS stop for street food…. The Journey is 4-5 hours depending on traffic, so enjoyable who cares how long it takes!! Scenery is breath-taking and it will teach you a lot about how Mexico really is. Not the Mexico of the travel brochure!!!  


When you think how many years, I have been visiting Acapulco, it is amazing that it still gives me a huge buzz to arrive here. You come Upon it suddenly, and there it is before you that gorgeous bay. In my opinion this view is unsurpassed. We head for the RITZ HOTEL one of the first hotels ever built in the resort. My good friend RENA LUNA has been creating packages and lovingly taking good care of clients for thirty years. A fun filled paradise for children, a true family Mexica haven. The food is outstanding Reyna has had a great deal to do with this side also. It will be a very sad day when she retires. I would not like to be here when this happens it will be the end of a legend. 


Las Brisas 

The great Director here Jamie Cardenas is really putting Las Brisas where it belongs, as one of the glamorous hotels in the world. We stayed in my favourite room 508 



This was a very successful travel fair, unfortunately I had very little time to spend so I was quite specific as to who I wanted to talk to they are all listed below. Meanwhile the event gathered 1,752 Registered Buyers from 46 different countries, including Mexico. 



 Beachscape, Kin Ha Villas, and Suites 

  I like this property very much. you can make it anything you want. A villa.An apartment or just a room. an old established boutique gem.I look forward to working with this Hotel in Cancun. 

Taxco Tourism Secretary.  Why TAXCO, MEXICO is AWESOME!! 

see my references above.  I so look forward to working with this one of my personal favourite places. True Mexico.  

Villa Montana, Morelia. 

What a beautiful place. Morelia the Butterfly sanctuary. Words fail as to how Boutique and gorgeous this property is. 

Grupo Brisas. 

SEE REFERENCE TO Las Brisas above)  

Xcaret, Riviera Maya. 

The great Sakari Malinen heads up This fabulous concept. Not to be missed. So close to Cancun so you won’t feel you Are missing out. Best of both worlds Elegance. Fun All inclusive  

Karisma, Hotels & Resorts, Cancún/Tulum. 

What a grand and great Company. Efficient. Effective hard to beat. 

My essential Travel.    

Isabel Maritorena: PUEBLA: another Magical City 4 hrs from the capital. Enchanting 

true Mexico. This lady is PUEBLA for everything you need. 


The only ground Operator to work with in the Chiapas region.


“One final comment before I leave “My” Mexico. a fabulous Basque Restaurant in Mexico City.  EKILORE Las Lomas district. 

Enjoy Mexico