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News from the Mexico of cathy Matos

Dear Friends,

In times of crisis, Mexican people have proven that working together federal, state and municipal governments, private sector and citizens, are able to overcome any adversity. Therefore, I invite you to circulate this video among your contacts with the aim of encouraging the spirit and commitment of the Mexican tourism sector. This video is the first of several that will be released through the media as part of a campaign designed to show the strength of our great nation and maintain our leadership in tourism.

Best regards,

Miguel Torruco Marques

Tourism Minister


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Please see the above statement issued by the Minister for Tourism Snr. Miguel Torruco.

I personally think it is a great gesture on his part. For me it was devastating that the annual Tourism Fair did not go ahead, but of course it was the correct decision.

My own journey to Mexico and the Yucatan was cancelled only because of the non-conference. As of today’s, date there are still only 4 cases of the virus, and still none in Cancun.

I was looking forward to our stay at two of my favourite properties,



I have been involved with travel throughout Mexico for many years, but this particular area is where it all began for me…… Cozumel my dream Island is very very special to me…THE PLAYA AZUL Is where I always stay, this adorable small Hotel situated actually on the Sea Edge. The first property to be built by the legend that was the great Don Nassim…..