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Mexico Calling

Mexico Calling 

I am just returned from a short but magical visit to my adored Mexico. 

We traveled with Tui… as always, the flight was smooth, comfortable, and efficient. The inflight service second to none. Arrival in Cancun, always a little chaotic, slightly better now since no tourist visa required, only a customs declaration! 

We were due to visit a hotel; BEAHSCAPE KIN HA . 

I had not seen this property for 25 years, one of the first in Cancun in the glorious heyday of developing the resort. Not an All Inclusive, situated on what I consider to be one of the best beaches in Cancun. 

It is up to the minute, smart and cosy, with exquisite gardens, you could almost imagine you were in Cozumel; wonderful suites with kitchen, dining room and extra rooms, perfect for a family at Christmas. We had dinner on the beach, shrimp, and steak. excellent. 

In the morning I even saw a wild stork wandering through the garden ,this is how peaceful it actually is. Breakfast is joyous, I spent all my time in the Mexican area. Still learning after all these years great Yucatecan dishes!! We were due to stay one night, we stayed two… As if all this not enough the property is economical, and my superb breakfasts are included in the room rate. 

Depart Cancun for Mexico City flying on Viva Aero bus  

This great little Airline brings back so many memories of my Mexicana days; we arrive, collect luggage, and are met by my marvellous Mauricio of First Class   

what a wonderful job this company has done for me over the years   

We were staying with friends in the lovely district of Las Lomas; home to the wealthy element of Mexico City. 

Gorgeous jacaranda trees in full bloom, fresh mangos, fresh fish and flowers on every corner. Here you will see homes that rival Beverly Hills and Hampstead. 

I love this City with all my heart, the elegant restaurants, the green spaces. The absolute buzz and energy “it’s all here.” 


Never before hosted in Mexico City… a complete success.  

GHYSLAINE RICHARD GRANIER. This woman is an absolute legend. In all the years I have known her she has run, organized, and given her all to this annual Travel Show. 

This year was no exception in fact it was all quite mind blowing. Anyone in the travel industry should attend, they would learn everything there is to know about Mexico and what a great county it is to visit… 

PLEASE COME TO KNOW “MY” MEXICO, you will be amazed. 

People I caught up with. 

Martin Morales     STARA SUITES. I am very fond of these hotels 

Daniel Mellado     Now with Melia Paradisus 

The great Don Jorge of AMIGO YUCATAN  

Juan Martin Pacheco – Los Aluxes  Hotel Merida  

Servando Gonzalez, past Director of the Mexican Tourist Office in London 

He did a great job whilst there not to mention the ABTA convention ACAPULCO in the eighties. 

With the help I might add of Lupita Ayala. 



 This great Mexican state is the world’s second longest peninsular. It offers nearly 800 miles of the majestic, the ethereal, the untamed, and the mystical. They hosted a sumptuous luncheon every day throughout the Travel Fair for travel buyers.  


Arriving back to Cancun we were met and whisked to MAYAKOBA, 45 minutes from Cancun Airport but believe me when I say “a world away”– 


I do not have enough words to describe the sheer beauty and luxury of this wonderful Hotel. 

We were met, believe it or not, by Bell Boys I actually knew from hotels I worked with years ago, a lovely feeling, and such a surprise 

A super, informative check in; within minutes we were on the terrace of our suite 226, sitting with a glass of champagne and overlooking a tropical mangrove setting, listening to the bird song, and watching the coati monkeys swinging in the trees. Truly magical. 

So many intimate charming restaurants to choose from with wide ranging ethnic options A tranquil, relaxed atmosphere surrounds you at all times.  

From breakfast by one of the many pools to moonlight dinner at the seas edge in the evening… I loved every moment of our stay and cannot wait to return…  I hope to issue updates on this Fairmont paradise, so watch this space. 

I have to add, this is probably one of the best hotel experiences I have ever had. Anyone who knows me and is reading this will know I have experienced many wonderful hotels over the years. 

And finally, I could never have imagined that there would be an actual airport built in TULUM! 

But here it is in living colour AMAZING. 


I will miss the simple, local, quirky individuality of this unspoiled area; however, it will bring me one step nearer to my favorite city of MERIDA where it all began for me 

“Hasta pronto”