My Private Mexico Uncategorized MEXICO CALLING MAY 2024


             MEXICO CALLING MAY 2024


I am just returned from the annual Travel Trade Fair held in Acapulco…TIANGUIS TURISTICO…



My wonderful ACAPULCANOS (as they are known) gave of their hearts and souls to make  it all work, and work it did…it was a great event with many buyers from around the world.

We all had the same feeling, a longing to see this Resort back to its original charm. It had this charm in abundance years ago, when it was a playground for the rich and famous. I am neither rich nor famous but I love the simplicity and the very Mexican authenticity of Acapulco.

Lets start at the beginning of this journey. I could not travel with my favourite TUI…so was booked thru American Airlines…. Sensational…Comfortable. Happy crew all good.

Arrived in Mexico City met by my Ground operator company First Class, they are the best in the business ( .

My choice of hotel was the Glitzy Ritzy STARA SUITES with its great Manager my good friend Martin Morales.

Had a two day stay…trying to cram in as many restaurants as poss. The food in Mexico City is sublime and I don’t mean Tacos and Beans!!!  However I can never resist the street food on the drive to Acapulco.

Always when you arrive in this state of Guererro, you are enveloped in glorious warmth, gentle sea breezes and the lovely comforting feeling that everyone you will meet will be happy, relaxed and most important local to Acapulco. The original small fishing village atmosphere is apparent at all times.



All-Inclusive Acapulco Resort | Pierre Mundo Imperial

Situated in the actual Conference Centre. Large sprawling Hotel complex. Somewhat daunting but upon entry I found it to be cozy ,comfortable and extremely efficient. With the wonderful Beatrice Smith. What could be more wonderful than for our first event we were invited by my great friend Susana Palazuelos, a world famous Chef…to a sumptuous dinner hosted at the Naval Base overlooking the famous (and only) beautiful Acapulco Bay. At this point I knew I was home!! Also knew I was so glad I had come! Everyone assumes they “Know” Mexico  but I wonder how many of them know all the treasures and hidden gems, truly Mexican and a World away from the “Resort All Inclusive Market “… Here is a selection of contacts attending Tianguis all known to me and loved by me.

ZIBU ACAPULCO. This is the fabulous Mexican/Thai restaurant of Eduardo Palazuelos ( Zibu by Eduardo Palazuelos | Acapulco


You cannot mention Acapulco without this iconic Beauty. Built in the 50’s it remains the “Pink Paradise” Every room has its own flower strewn pool. My own Honeymoon in 1996 was spent here.



I remember when this was a Theme Park…There are now two quality hotels on site. It was created and masterminded by Miguel Quintana Pali, I was in the adult only section, in a Fuego room. With Butler service. There is everything in the world to do here. A magical park with Rivers, cenotes…a Theatre. all so very Mexican. Restaurants great.. Las Cuevas amazing. Great waiter Oscar. Endless Beach with dunes. I sat here watching the sunset…. Gazing across the sea to my adored COZUMEL. “My” ISLAND so near and yet so far…Perhaps next time when I visit…The amazing sunrise at 6a.m. signalled departure… Leaving Xcaret in the capable hands of RODRIGO DINORAH. And “famous OMAR!



Also iconic in its very own way. A 60’S GEM now an all inclusive, A children’s paradise on the beach. Now headed up by Lilia.



Situated in CUERNAVACA, known as the” City of Eternal Spring” .50 minutes by road from Mexico City. A true historic gem headed up by the famous Juan Corral



Another old, rustic property situated in MORELOS officially known as “the magic town”. Winding, cobbled streets and it’s own Aztec archaeological site.



This is just simply an enchanting  state situated at the base of the Volcanic belt. It is Mexico’s smallest state I do wish more people would visit. Holiday inn.




I do not have enough words to describe this exquisite Hotel/retreat. I can only ask you to pull up the link which shows it as truly beautiful. Thank you Jose for reawakening my mind to LAS ALAMANDAS.



Perched  high in the hills above the beautiful city of MORELIA. It is like an elegant country house but with no pretensions, another venue for my honeymoon in 1996!



Yes there is a fabulous  town called Tequila where of course Tequila is produced. I have found a wonderful little property presented to me by a “pocket rocket” Margarita Perez Valdivia OF CASA SALLES a true Mexican boutique  property.



This famous destination still has the old trusted and true HOTEL MISSION, so pleased to see my trusted friend Susana Arujo in charge.



So wonderfully dramatic and stunning to visit this area of Mexico, you must dedicate at least a week to enjoy the train, HOTEL DIVISADERO and the Native Indian reservation.



Attending Tianguis were many of my “AMIGOS” so just to mention a few,

REEF HOTEL (Lourdes Mogul)

LOS ALUXES  , Juan Pacheco in charge



My friend Elizabeth Mistry ( ) a true journalistic, Mexican guru knows so much more than me, Elizabeth has really followed the progress of this brain child of Mexico’s president.



We sadly bid farewell to Acapulco… and to all our friends still loved after all these years. We were transported in absolute comfort aboard the diamond Service of This fabulous Bus Company. .Like sleeping on a Cloud. Arrived at Bus station where “FIRST CLASS” were of course waiting for us… VIVA AEROBUS flew us to CANCUN.  We were transported to our little heaven…




Perfect small independent Mexican Hotel. This great place is like a little oasis. Built long before the giant All Inclusive came into being. Breakfast sensational. beach (real) and beautiful…Very economical. Great value.



A jungle Paradise with waterways and abundant wild life,

Elegant, upmarket, with great facilities for children. They are actually creating a special Summer Camp dedicated for young guests. Excellent baby-sitting service for children over four.. This hotel is worth every penny. It ticks all the boxes. For me it has put the Wind beneath my Wings!

Service is exceptional. Who remembers the “Turn down Service” How lovely to receive this! To end let me tell you a little story. I left my shorts by the pool they ended u in lost property. They were returned to me washed and ironed! Need I say more??



PLAYA AZUL ( Hotel Playa Azul, Mexico )


My grateful thanks to Ghyslain and Florence Rishaud for all the help and patience. They made this trip possible for me!


Hasta pronto…