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London Calling

Cathy Matos says 



To all my Mexican Friends and work colleagues who may be looking at this Blog.

My city, London, and Covid!!  A ghost town… You can almost imagine the tumble weed blowing along the city streets! 
Buckingham Palace devoid of tourists; my famous R.A.C. Club in the Mall; valiantly coping; the hotel section open only for business and medical visiting guests.
The “maître“, Christophe Chilard, is doing a wonderful job Front of House for The Club room, and Cocktail Bar, which he runs like a dream. Whilst Debra Lloyd, continues her amazingly efficient work in accounts.  

No Harrods, no Fortnum’s, no Hamleys, no cinema no theatre! 

So sad and all so lonely and cold in this miserable, freezing winter! 

All will be well soon. 


Todos vds estan en mi piensamiento… Y les deseo la mejor suerte para el mundo del Turismo para España y mi querido Mexico……. Ofrezco toda mi ayuda y  les doy mi apoyo.