My Private Mexico News Easter Blog

Easter Blog

Hello from me to everyone from a sad empty London….

Even my Fabulous RAC club in Pall Mall close to the Palace is closed!!

Fortunately, Buckingham Palace is not closed. We are receiving regular messages from our dear Queen.

What would I do without all the messages and thoughts from friends in Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba…


So, let’s begin with Guatemala…

When the Corona virus hit…. The first message we received was from Clark Tours. The best and in my opinion only Tour Operator in Guatemala.

Were the first to send a get in touch with the softest most encouraging and thoughtful words. It was an inspiration of encouragement.



Our Wonderful Toby Brocklehurst came through with everything that is going on in his Cuba. I was very Grateful for this information.


And now on to Mexico….

The List is endless but let me just mention few, very important names and places.

We have to begin with MERIDA ……TIANGUIS the travel fair of Mexico was of course postponed.

Now to be held 19-22 September


Mexico City

Yes, I heard from literally everyone in the City.

The greatest Lawyer in the World. My good friend Victor Rodriguez…


Martin Morales of Stara Hotels

I hope to be Visiting in September when I will report back on these properties. The Sales Director Martin Morales is a very dear friend he headed my relationship with Casa Viejas.


Four Seasons

First Class

What would I do without my wonderful Mauricio Chavez.. His Transfers are second to none, even to the door of the Aircraft. Not many agents can lay claim to this, but I can!

Camino Real

We were lucky enough to stay here last year during a family trip. This is one of my special favourite hotels, an oasis of calm amidst this buzzing capital city. You actually awake to bird song. The grounds and gardens are so lovely. The greatest hotelier Ignacio Perez is at the helm.

And guess what?? New find and new venture:

This is a brand new concept for me, these are B&B Properties, exquisite old Mansions of which there are many in Mexico city. The average tourist is unaware of the magical things to see in this Capital.

The magnificent homes and gardens of the wealthy sector. Some Baroque and some dating back to the early 19th Century. These properties actually rival those of Beverly Hills and certainly have more character and history.

Carlos Mackinlay, Secretary of Tourism

Carlos has always done a magnificent job promoting and developing the state of Mexico.


Los Aluxes

We were booked to stay here, one of my favourite Hotels. I Have known this property and its owner for many years, Great location, great rates, great customer service (In fact one of the best) I look forward to returning in September.

Amigo Yucatan

My dearest friend Don Jorge Escalante, President, was fantastic with his updates and messages throughout the frustrating time of the cancellation of Tianguis. His support to me is incredible and I thank him from the bottom of my heart….

Fernando Barbachano…

President, Founder, Owner of Mayaland

The exquisite Hotel Mayaland in Chichnitza.. A wonderful place to stay..Yes the actual site of Chichen is very commercialised but it’s worth visiting just to stay at the hotel.

You have to believe me on this … I should know. I began working with the Barbachano family over forty years ago!!

Merida and the Mayan Archaeological sites are “My hometown”!!!


The lodge at Uxmal

Another gorgeous product…


Cozumel. (My Island) Hotel Playa Azul

We were due to visit also on our postponed trip My one and only place to stay.

Wonderful friend Martha.. Thank you for your message, see you soon when all this is over!!



Fly from Cozumel from Cancun


Monday,        12pm,    3pm & 7.20pm

Tuesday,        8.20am, 1pm & 7.20pm

Wednesday,   8.20am, 1pm & 7.20pm

Thursday,      8.20am, 1pm & 7.20pm

Friday,           12pm,    3pm & 7.20pm

Saturday,       8.20am,  1pm & 4.40pm


Rivera Maya

The Famous Riviera Maya. Where some of the lovely Hotels are situated (My opinion)!!

My good friend Pedro Lara. The Viceroy


Grand Velas Riviera Maya

This is my All-inclusive along the coast. Of course, one of the first people to contact us was Lupita Ayala, Regional Sales Manager- Europe

Grand Velas – Casa Velas – Velas Vallarta – Mar del Cabo

Tel: +44 (0) 208 287 08491 / + 44 (0) 77 3435 9566

Have regular updates from the office here in London, headed up by Lupita Ayala

Hotel Esencia

So Exclusive you need in “normal” times a good length of booking time.


Kin Sol Soleil

My small private paradise nine rooms.



A very unspoilt different Coastline a Divers Dream. An exquisite little enclave, so special, so iconic for me as I remember it to be a wild and wonderful jungle Seafront retreat. Now the Beautiful Secrets Akumal, stands proudly with the wonderful Daniel Mellado at the helm. The picture’s I have posted is of me thirty five years ago!!

Peter and I were due to stay here last month, I am so sad we could not go. This magnificent Hotel is home to me. We will revisit in September.


Amstar and Eugene Rybicki

Anyone who reads my blogs will know that Eugene is one of my dearest friends and supporters……



Reyna Luna. The Ritz Hotel

We were heading there for Peters Birthday in September. Reyna is my oldest friend. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be in Acapulco

Of course, we cannot forget Las Brisas


Copper Canyon

My “other” Family the Sandovals. Bless them all, for getting in touch. I must mention the fantastic programme on TV. Around the world by train with Tony Robinson on Channel 5 Mexico aired on Friday 10th of April and is available on catch up tv

Los Cabos

Received a message from the famous Manuel Diaz Cebrian, Manuel does an excellent job in promoting this beautiful area of Mexico.

Why not visit when all this is over…. You can reach Los Cabos from Copper Canyon… If of course you have the right itinerary designer (Like me for example!)

Finally, what would we have done without our suppliers, contacts and friends here in Devon.

We are all isolating here. Joanne, John, Peter and my glorious grandson Charlie!!!

Thanks to


The Rugglestone Inn

This wonderful old Pub set in the heart of Widecombe in the moor. Dear Vikki and Richard making super dishes. Arriving piping hot at the door ready for a Takeaway collection. I just live for Wednesdays and Fridays when this all happens.

The Butcher

One of the best Andrew at Cox and Laflin

Andrew actually supplied James Martin (Super Chef) his beef for a Programme in Scotland.

The Chef

James Martin, Light of my life I have watched every episode of his Islands to Highlands… Without him I think I would have gone under!!!!

The Solicitor

I have had a personal injury claim for the past three years. Now solved by the amazing Sally Grey. What a star and what a terrific solicitor. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.


The Tour Operator

Heard from my dear friend Moira Scott…  What I am to Mexico, Moira is to cruising… There is no one better. Based in Edinburgh.

Moira is your man!!! What she does not know about ships, no one does!!