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Cathy Matos says…… 




To all my friends and travel colleagues in Mallorca, I wish you a belated  

Happy New Year 

I hope the Three Kings Brought you many good surprises.  

Sadly, we were unable to travel to “my Island “for the Three Kings this year… So, no presents for me!!!  

EASY JET As usual were extremely efficient in moving flights without charge. They have been very good throughout the Pandemic. 

I would also like to give a mention to VUELING. We were due to travel Palma/Paris for my birthday. So again, another airline who have immediately issued a refund voucher. 

Always in the background throughout all this is good old TUI, how staunch and reassuring this company have been. We were due to fly with them to Mexico when all this “horror” began, in March 2020 

So now let me say “Hello” to some of my dear friends and colleagues of the Spanish Travel Industry! 


Xisco Mulet– Viajes Massanella. 

Calle Miquel Duran, 5

+34 971 504 311 

 President of AVIBA. (the business Group of Travel Agents for the Balearic Islands).  


 Viajes Kontiki – Pedro Iriondo  

I have known this fine man for so many years…. I went to Mallorca to work at 16!!  

Both these giants of the Industry have done so much for the Balearic Islands.  

Now more than ever their strengths are so needed. 

General Riera, 14 · Palma · T. 971 200 888 ·

 Melia Hotels International – Gabriel Escarrer (Senior) “a legend” 

Gabriel Escarrer Snr, whom I have Known for ever!! Is an absolute legend in the Travel industry. He began with one Hotel in Mallorca. His empire now extends throughout the world. Hotels of absolute Super Luxury in most of Mexico. All of which I work with and highly recommend in “My Private Mexico” 


Greetings also to all the other Mallorcan hoteliers with their properties in Mexico. 

Todo se va mejorar  


Hello to all my favourite restaurants   



Gaspi the owner of this bar is a true treasure. His warming suppers and fabulous home cooked lunches are wonderful. He is such a cheerful soul and keeps your spirits up, both in his huge Gin & Tonics and in his friendship.


This wonderful unpretentious little restaurant is situated at the top of the town with tables on the sea’s edge. 

Great fish, great prices 



My little find, it has been there since 1970!! But I have only just discovered it. 

Situated in Can Pastilla next door to the Yacht club… Simply fabulous fish, 

 Menu del Dia available. 



I have known Toni since he was a little Boy playing with my daughter in the square. A greafriend. Great fish, lovely restaurant. Situated in Puerto Andraix, next to the church 



Love this little family run restaurant situated in the Son Armadams district of Palma…Chef Javi is an Angel….an incredible Cook. 

All Majorcan food Menu del dia….. You do not know Mallorca if you do not know this restaurant.!!! 



. Situated in the Square in Andraix…These are the only pizzas I will eat!!! 



Love this place…. Cosy bar on the edge of the sea in Ca’n Pastilla… Donna and Adrian are true gems. Lovely bacon butties/curries 

Always a friendly smile and a happy atmosphere. A tiny bit of England 


`With grateful thanks to: 

Gaspar Parets  

My Friend of many years Gaspar is the best builder I know on the Island. Always get a quote from this delightful man before proceeding with your Building Project. 

Es Gaspar parets obras y reformas s.l.u 

Calle Cuba N46 CP 07150 andratx Mallorca   

tele 699 14 99 67 

 Juan Mas 

My wonderful Dentist 


Marta Serna  

Good friend, Martha is the Founder and Director of the CLINICA MEDISANS. 

I would put my face in her hands anytime!!!! 

Island of Malta, 4, Palma De Mallorca, 07007 


Jose Ignacio  

Lawyers of distinction 

José I. Echegaray del Pozo 

C/. Santo Domingo, nº 16 1º – 07001 Palma,          ECHEGARAY ASOCIADOS 

Tlf. 971 713 600 – Fax 971 712 894,                          ABOGADOS – ECONOMISTAS 



This is your one stop Insurance enquiry point. Rita can solve all your problems. 

Especially now “post Brexit 

Office 0034971 675 423 – Mobile 0034 618327303 


Dr. Mateo Pons 

Clinica Miranza 

Eye Doctor “extraordinaire” He works miracles, I am so grateful to him 


Heather Liddell 

Calle Son Mao 6 A, Andratx (Islas Baleares) – 07150
Phone: (+34) 609 36 91 95


This woman is pure Genius 


Nigel Lewis 

Vita Bel, Cala d’OR 

Yacht Tours and Sunset cruises. 

Call me for details or look online, 


Mallorca is handling this Pandemic so efficiently. No one is allowed to enter the country unless resident and with a Covid test (72 hours) and believe me they stick to that rigidly. 

There is a curfew between 10pm and 6am which is also adhered to. So even though it affects my travel plans. Full marks to Spain for trying so hard. 

Please look out for my Mexico updateMeanwhile, to quote the wonderful Simon Calder; I am what he calls “A real human travel agent!! Not a machine…. So, you can talk to me and ask me anything refall of the above!!