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Well, it’s all about Mexico!!  I set off for the TIANGUIS MEXICAN TRAVEL FAIR. Held this year in MERIDA 

LGW/CUN. TUI FLIGHT. Completely full, I took the last seat.  Great Crew, they worked their socks off. A very happy atmosphere everyone in “Holiday Mood”! 

Arrival at CANCUN extremely efficient we disembarked aircraft row by row. Strict distance in force and face masks controlled with an instant fine if not worn. 

Security, Customs speedy and simple. 

I was met by my good friend EUGENE RYBICKI, if I am known as Mrs. Mexico! then this man is “Mr. Cancun”. 

First night I was hosted at SECRETS THE VINE. Excellent hotel, enormous bed, superb dinner. 


Dawn departure for our drive to Merida…. 4 hours…The conference centre was a hive of activity. We were checked in for our badges and paperwork literally within minutes. The incredible Ghyslaine Richard Granier, as always, the very heart and soul of this organization. I look forward to helping her gain attendees for next year MAY 2022.  

My choice of Hotel in Merida just has to be LOS ALUXES. 

I love this property; it has always been part of my long association with the Yucatan. so, for me it is like “Coming Home” 

Set in the center of the historic area of Merida. Large spacious rooms, pool. My dear friend Owner Juan Pacheco was there to greet me. 

This was the evening of the “TIANGUIS OPENING CEREMONY.” I have attended many of these but never seen anything like this one. 

It was absolutely spectacular. Hosted in an Old Hacienda. There was a full philharmonic orchestra and supporting artists. 

17th November: 

 The Fair begins. I met so many people it really was a “Homecoming.” My career all those years ago began with The Barbachano Family in Merida. This is the reason it was imperative that I make this journey to attend the TIANGUIS. 

A snapshot of contacts/friends I was able to meet. 

XCARET:  just has to be the places to stay on the Riviera Maya. Always a showstopper with its magnificent ecological design, parkland, river, Theatre.  Now with a new Boutique Hotel it is hard to beat. In charge of all this is another dear friend Sakari Malinen

This man was previously Four Seasons, what excellent hands for this property to be in. 

KRYSTAL: I remember this hotel chain from over 30 years ago. They continue to be great value for money and a lovely Company to work with. I would like to thank   Both Constanza Pinto and Felix Arroyo for their help. 

A.M.R./HYATT. Daniel Mellado busy with his two new projects. Watch this space for news. I would also like to thank Federico Moreno-Nickerson for his invaluable help. 

STARA SUITES. Martin So proud of his product and rightly so. His hotels are in and around Mexico City 

AMIGO YUCATAN: Ground Handler Merida…. 

WILMA, who heads up the Mayaland Organization. 

LAS BRISAS:  This great, lovely property in Acapulco still achieves its high levels of excellence. The wonderful stories I could tell! 

COPPER CANYON. A wonderful stand at the show. Everyone from this gorgeous area of Mexico was there. I was so happy to see them, 

HACIENDA DE CORTES: Juan Corral…. This lovely 16th century property in Cuernavaca. 

POSADA DEL TEPOZTECO: Alejandro. This is an icon of magic and tradition in the heart of Pueblo Magico in the state of Morelos. 

BLANCA COSSIO: Is now with Parnassus Hotels. 

ANNA CAMACHO: Best marketing woman in the world! 

CABANAS DE ANA Y JOSE: Another great old established beach side property. 

COZUMEL: I tried so hard to get across to my favorite Island and my adored Playa Azul Hotel. 

CAMPECHE: The Francis Drake Hotel  

Enjoyed the most fabulous dinner in Merida at Pasaje Picheta  

This gorgeous restaurant is in an old seventeenth century House the view from the roof terrace just has to be one of the most romantic I have ever seen. An absolute must for a Honeymoon Itinerary. 

18th November:     

A journey home for me to……CHICHENITZA and the wonderful MAYALAND HOTEL & BUNGALOWS. A dream project created by Fernando Barbachano. 

The Hotel a five-star product. The Bungalows scattered throughout the grounds amidst deep   jungle foliage almost tiny Villas-superb, 

Dinner at Mayaland stunning with local Yucatecan dishes and excellent Mexican wines. 

Stay in Chichenitza for a few days, come to learn about the Maya and their long history. . Do not just do “The day Visit” 

There are so many wonderful things to see……For example the tiny village of Chichen …even with its one little Hotel… 

You can then go onto UXMAL to the other Mayan Site and yet another creation of Fernando……I am so proud to be associated with this Family… 

19th November:     

A swim in the pool before breakfast. A drive to TULUM via the back road……This way we are able to stop and see COBA. 

when first began working, there was just a little gate on a latch which took you into this exquisite pyramid almost at that time obliterated by jungle 

We continued along in the rain…. Managed to do a little shopping before entering Tulum…… 

Dreams (an AMR/Hyatt Resort) …My room was fabulous with the sea breeze and beach below…(I felt like Shirley Valentine) …!! 

As an All Inclusive you have many options as to where to eat. I chose the French Restaurant! Where I met a Yucatecan Waiter Called Leika. A joy…. 

I was due to stay one night but stayed two. . I walked for miles along this gorgeous beach where you will find families of Iguana and Racoon allowed to roam free. 

21st November:  I took “THE COLLECTIVO” My favorite mode of transport when visiting this area This little van stops at all the properties (and there are many!!) along the Riviera Maya to Playa del Carmen.  


My last port of call. This amazing, exquisite hotel is expertly run by Pedro Lara, ably assisted by Tulio Baruch. 

Words fail me to be able to describe just how wonderful this property is. A true Boutique from the moment you arrive you feel truly comfortable and cosseted. 

Peace and privacy are what you find here. Solitude if you seek it……..! The spa is my favorite of all…. I was in heaven…   

22nd November:  

 Sadly, I had to depart…! The TUI Flight was again full. The service was again fabulous. 

Should you want to understand how Mexico has picked itself up after Covid, then this Tianguis is a marvelous example of an exhibition and business event.    

Wherein Energy and enthusiasm abounded. Mexico should be congratulated on putting this together in support of Tourism. Which will continue especially whilst I am around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!