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Cathy’s spring news from Mexico



After the busy Christmas boom in travel to Mexico, we now await the Easter  

traveller.   Many of my favourite properties offer discounts during this “in between” period i.e. before Easter, it is worth searching the net. 

 I have for some time been designing and arranging private itineraries for past clients. Many of whom have travelled with me before and who are aware of the total beauty of Mexico. They are always very discerning. I therefore take time and particular care when choosing the specific hotel and location to suit their needs. A recent example…. A family of five looking for the perfect combination of total relaxation for adults and fun for children .. 

Here is their review, these words are indeed very special.    

Hi Cathy, 

Thank you so much for advising Tom on our holiday. It was truly wonderful.  

Xcaret in particular, was what heaven must look like. I had forgotten what it felt like to have moments of childlike delight – when I rounded a corner and saw a little picture-perfect cove with stepping stones beckoning me across to a secluded hammock, or came across a boat magically waiting to take us to Xcaret park, or a buggy to take us up the hill, or an exotic bird flew alongside us as we crossed one of the rope bridges. It was as if all my desires had been anticipated, exaggerated, and then exceeded! 

And that’s just the physical site. The food was out of this world, my favourite moment being breakfast at the vegan restaurant, though everything at the Mercado canteen was exceptional.  Every drink was delicious. The service was impeccable, and everything smelt glorious.  

Our three girls (11, 9 and 7) were astounded. We loved the pools and had plenty to do over 6 nights. The hotel was so lovely that the excursions felt like they were ripping us away; 

 We did not want to leave.  


Thank you again. It was the holiday of a lifetime, the happy place in our heads, and such a pleasure to remember it as I write.  

Best wishes, 



I am sure everyone by now, is aware as to how fond I am of this property. 

Here for your information here is the link for special offers available. 



Great to hear from my good friend Martin Morales. He manages to smoothly operate this elegant, uptown hotel in Mexico City. I hope to be staying there during my next visit, en route to Tianguis in Acapulco. 



I am dedicating time and space here to tell you more about this glorious state. So often overshadowed by the resort of Cancun when, in reality, it is but a stone’s throw away. The treasures to be found here are endless. Yes of course, there is CHICHENITZA and UXMAL etc. but there is so much more, enough to occupy so many days. For example, why not spend an overnight at the ruins, the whole archaeological zone takes on a mystical aura after dark. There is a tiny hotel actually situated next to the archaeological site- PUERTA CHICHEN,   must mention here what an excellent job Polo Sánchez-Valle Tel: +44 (0)7788244420 does in representing the  

Yucatan Tourism Board in Europe and U.K. 

Let me share with you a selection of my Merida contacts, 

AMIGO YUCATAN This great ground operator is, in my opinion, one of the very best in all of Mexico. 

HOTEL MISSION FRAY DIEGO – Lovely old-world property in the centre of the city. Your contact here is Cuxtali 

HOTEL LOS ALUXES – My good friend Juan Pacheco the owner has built a department store in the centre of town, I swear it rivals Bloomingdales. 



VALLADOLID, this charming little town, just outside Merida, exactly as it always was, with a bandstand in the middle of the square. Hosts this little delightful hotel. 



 ACAPULCO – Finally news of my wonderful City, It is putting itself back together in readiness for the 48th year of TIANGUIS TOURISTICO

ACAPULCO welcomes the tourist Industry with open arms. I will be there “with bells on” Greatest thing of all; my beautiful Las Brisas is up and running in all its glory!