My Story


My journey began many years ago as a struggling single mother applying for the part time position of assistant to Mr. Joe Macauley; a man who was a trusted friend and confidant of the famous Barbachano dynasty.

During 3 years, I did my best to help him, dashing backwards and forwards between Piccadilly, London, home to collect my daughter from school, and very often back to the office.

When he became sick, the Barbachano’s took him to Mexico. I was left the decision to continue or not to continue. At the time, that decision had nothing to do with ambition or great financial gain. It was purely based on the need to work and earn a living, but at that moment, the seed of my love for Mexico had already been planted.

This famous Barbachano dynasty was the founder of travel to the Mayan archaeological sites of the Yucatan. I came to learn so many wonderful things about how the sites were gradually excavated, and how grandfather Barbachano literally went down to the docks persuading people to visit his “famous places”! All this was back in the 1930s!! Those “places” were Chichen Itza, Labna, Uxmal, Coba, Izamal- names that only a few discerning travellers knew back in the early ‘ 70s. Joe became an archaeological guru, and I his willing apprentice. He taught me that ‘ You cannot sell what you have never seen! ‘

I therefore found myself travelling from London to Mexico and the Yucatan , barely a month into beginning my new job! I was young, inexperienced, apprehensive and obviously concerned at taking time away from my young child. I had no need of any of these worries. From the moment I arrived, I was taken into the homes and hearts of, what seemed then to be, the whole of Mexico! I became part of a huge ‘family’. I was privileged to be shown sacred sites, caves, local villages, even Indian settlements, where only Mayan was spoken, all previously to some extent unknown to the regular tourist.

I loved this country and its people from the second I set foot on Mexican soil. I have never looked back and have tried to repay my debt of enduring friendships and working associations by striving to create and design, the most perfect, tailor-made Mexican itineraries, to show you, the client, the true Mexico that I love so very much.

There is no site, special place, beach, hotel or small corner of my adoptive country that I do not know. However, I am constantly learning new things. Always some exciting character property is suddenly appearing or a new theory on the Maya, the Aztec or the Toltec emerging.

I work very hard to mould our products around the client’s budget and dreams. I can make anything possible and everything wonderful!


We are now operating in consultancy mode representing those lucky enough to be included in my portfolio. My charges will reflect the difficulty or complexity of client requirements.

We will be happy to conduct extensive or simple training practises on customer premises.

I will be using all the above mentioned experience and knowledge to guide the individual client, the tour operator and the travel agent towards a perfect journey to Mexico.

You may contact me for advice, planning and recommendations. I have selected and compiled my own personal portfolio of hotels, resorts and States. Mexico is comprised of many different States as listed on the services page.

I want to be recognised as a guru for you to consult and rely upon to plan and help with any client  itinerary be it sunshine, sea and sand, Colonial cities, art and architecture, deep sea fishing, scuba activities, archaeology, film locations, fashion, shopping, gastronomy, cosmetic enhancements and a never to be missed journey on the Copper Canyon railway.

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